Salty sense of humour? Us too!
Mum thinks I'm funny (unsure if she means funny looking or what, but she's my mum so she has to say I'm funny right?) - so why not share my salty, sassy, sarcastic sense of humour with the world!
May be an image of 1 person, blonde hair and smilingHi, I'm Leese Rogers - often described by my friends as "the sweary friend" or a "filthy humoured human", all traits most people find endearing I'm sure (uh, or not!).  I for one believe in being authentically myself and if that means peppering most conversations with swear words or being described as too honest, then so be it.  

If you have a salty sense of humour and aren't easily offended, chances are we're going to get along just fine. 

My goal is to create quality homewares that put smiles on dials and create talking points - because sometimes silence in social situations is awkward.  (Shit that was a lot of words starting with s - I'm exhausted now!)

To help us get to know each other a little better, here a few of my things about me.
  • Favourite swear word:  The 'c' word, especially when it follows the 'f' word!
  • Favourite animal:  Dogs (especially my dogs Teddy and Clifford).  Sorry Merlin-cat!
  • Drink of choice:  Lemon, lime and vodka - cheers
  • Favourite colour:  Pink (and glitter)
  • I once survived:  A car accident where I was trapped and the car was on fire - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?  (Or gives you severe PTSD and a lot of questionable coping mechanisms).
  • I am actually:  One of the most positive, caring and upbeat people you'll ever meet.
  • I have had:  11 surgeries for Endometriosis, PCOS and Adenomyosis - the sh*t us ladies have to put up with, seriously!
  • I am from:  a family of 5 (an older brother and a younger sister) and grew up in Nelson.  
  • Favourite car:  My 1992 Mitsubishi Evolution 1 known as "Black Betty", closely followed by hubby's Group A GTR, and then our V8 Holden Maloo cam'd, blown ute (if you know what all that means - you're probably going to want to check out Rogers Race Team on Facebook or the 'Gram.  Yup, we're petrolheads.)

Want to know more about Salty Co, drop me a line here.

Caution: If you hadn't realised already, some of our products contain swear words and salty humour.

All of our products are designed and printed in New Zealand.  #supportlocal